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C5 Rodeo Shines at The RFD-TV’s The American


March 8th 2021




ARLINGTON, Texas —C5 Rodeo Co. is headed home from “the world’s richest weekend in Western Sports” - RFD-TV’s The American, where sixteen of C5’s four- legged athletes were able to showcase their talents. Nine horses were selected for the Semi-Finals in Ft. Worth Texas, while seven headed to the big show March 6th and 7th at AT&T Stadium, in Arlington. The event pays out $2.35 million through a series of qualifiers, the Semifinals, and the pinnacle event, RFD-TV’s The American.

Some noteworthy rides were Tegan Smith and 541 Black Hills with an 85.25 and Wade Sundell on 224 Bad Intentions with 83.75 points in the first round of the Semi-Finals which advanced them on to the top sixteen for March 6th Long Round Performance.

C5 Broncs continued to shine in RFD-TV’s long round where C5’s 3003 Trump Card made her big comeback after injury with Allen Boore to take 86.25 placing him in the top three rides of the day. While 333- Kitty Whistle stole the show with her sensational power bucking off Wyatt Casper. “What a buckin’ horse!” commented Butch Knowles “Let’s talk about power!”

On Sunday’s Finals it was time for the C5 Bareback horses to bring the heat - they did not disappoint. F13 Virgil set the pace with Cole Reiner for a whopping 90.50 points landing him in second spot, while third-place, went to Tilden Hooper with a solid 85.5-point ride on C5 Rodeo's Black Eye, advancing them both to the four-man Shoot-Out with Tim O'Connell, and Kaycee Feild. "My first one (Black Eye) was a little bit touch and go," Hooper said. "I was really excited that they (the judges) liked it as much as they did. Bareback riding is a little out of control sometimes, and when you're in the middle of fighting you have to keep swinging and try to land some punches." Hooper landed himself the 2021 RFD-TV American Bareback Champion later [GG1] that afternoon. D-39 Make Up Face and Clayton Biglow were also set to make an impressive ride, but it was cut short at 7.92 seconds. “He was going to be all of 90! You cannot go for one any stronger than Clay Biglow is going for it right here,” commented Butch Knowles as he evaluated the replay. The ride was acknowledged as a show stopping performance that stood out at The American.

Two of the RFD-TV American Bareback Championships (2017 and 2019) have been won on the same match-up of Kaycee Feild and F13 Virgil. Since the first RFD-TV American in 2016, C5 Rodeo has travelled the farthest distance to participate with their exceptional stock and is proud to be a part of this historical event in rodeo.



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