"The earth would be nothing without the people, but the man would be nothing without the horse.”

~ Winston Churchill.

C5 Rodeo Company Inc. was founded in 2008 by Vern McDonald and has since grown to two locations in Lac La Biche, Alberta, and Threeforks, Montana which span just over 6000 acres combined. With over 150 top quality mares and 20 stallions in our breeding program. C5 Rodeo Company is currently one of North America’s largest stock providers, running over 700 head of horses and 100 bucking bulls.

Rodeo Day - All the happenings the day of a rodeo

A Day in the Life

Rodeo Weekend – Calgary Stampede

5:00 AM Feed Horse and Bulls

6:00 AM Gather Stock for Rodeo

6:15 AM Sort Horses & Bulls off from gather

7:00 AM Load stock onto Straight Loads

7:00 – 1:30 PM Truck livestock to stock yards for Rodeo

2:00 PM Unload Livestock and sort into pens

7:00 PM Feed Livestock


Day of Rodeo

6:00 AM Feed Livestock at Stock Yards

8:30 AM Load Stock to be brought to Rodeo Grounds

9:30 Arrive at Rodeo Grounds

9:45 AM Unload Stock 

10:00 AM Sort Stock 

1:15 PM Bareback Loaded into Chutes

1:30 PM Performance Start Time

2:50 PM Saddle Bronc Horses Loaded

3:30 PM Load Bulls into Chutes

4:00 PM Rodeo Wraps Up

5:00 PM Horses and Bulls Loaded

6:00 PM Arrive at Stockyards to Unload

6:15 PM Feed Livestock

6:20 PM Grain Bulls


Breeding Program


C5 has seven outstanding studs that breed over 70 brood mares at the C5 Lac La Biche Ranch. Our brood mares have raised many successful colts such as 224 Bad Intentions, who is a 2019 WNFR Qualifier. 

Each stud breeds 12-15 mares each in their own separate pastures. Once the babies are born they spend 6-7 months with their moms before they are gathered and branded at the ranch. 

Once the babies are branded they are weaned from their mothers and put in a pasture together where they are fed so they can grow up to be outstanding bucking horses. C5 is very excited for the future of bucking stock coming from the C5 ranch. All of our babies are treated with the upmost care.