Meet our Crew!

C5 Rodeo Company Inc. has continually proven to be an industry leader for top quality rough stock and rodeo production. One thing we take pride in with C5 Rodeo Company is our fabulous crew and what we are able to bring to the table on top of providing stock. The C5 Rodeo Crew brings forward valuable experience in all things rodeo and events. Our professionalism and fun attitude brings a positive committee experience. We love what we do and are always up to the challenge in whatever we are needed for!

C5 Rodeo Crew

Owner: Vern Mcdonald

Rodeo Coordinator: Gillian Grant

Rodeo Liaison: Trish Seitz

Marketing Coordinator: Tieggan Rouleau

Rodeo Stock Superintendent: Dale Kling

Lac La Biche Ranch Manager: Tyson Cardinal

Three Forks Ranch Manager: Mark Cotter

C5 Rodeo Crew Member: Calvin McDonald

C5 Rodeo Crew Member: Dennis Samson

C5 Rodeo Crew Member: Kyle Daines